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Kuenyehia Youth Art Prize 2021

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Theme: The Sustain(ability) of Africa 

*Applying artists must ensure that all submissions are connected to the Theme: The “Sustain(ability) of Africa”. The Theme should be interpreted in light of the following guidance:

  • “The Sustain(ability) of Africa” emphasises the role that human beings have played in causing, and the role that we must play in solving, the many issues that are challenging Africa’s sustainability. 

  • It is clear that if Africa is to survive and continue to thrive, we must illuminate our problems and begin to work together towards solving them.

  • Submissions should link to the theme through the eyes of the creating artist. Artists will be expected to justify how their submission(s) does this. 



The timeline of the Kuenyehia Youth Prize 2021 will be categorised into four stages:  Submissions, judging, announcements, exhibitions and auctions. Click the link below for more details.



All competing artwork MUST connect with the theme "Sustain(ability) of Africa". Click the link below to see a step by step guide on our entry requiremenets.



For the 2021 Kuenyehia Youth Art Prize, there will be a cash prize for our top 3 applicants! Click the link below to find out more

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The Prize is open to all artists between the ages of 15 and 24 who are: Residing in Ghana and are Citizens of an ECOWAS country OR originate from an ECOWAS country. Click the link below for more details.

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+233 242 04 16 45 

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Thanks for your submission!

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